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From:Al McNicoll Date:July 3 2006 8:47am
Subject:RE: My SQL ODBC connectivity in Networks
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Hi Sathish,

The parameters for an ODBC connection need to point to the server machine,
yes. If you're on a windows network then you can use a machine name rather
than an IP address, which covers you in the event that the server's IP
address changes. I assume the same is true on any TCP/IP network, but my
Linux experience is minimal I'm afraid.

The user and password need to be ones that you've set up in advance. Note:
users not only have a username but also an identifier saying where they can
access the database from. For instance, you may well find that root access
is set up as 'root'@'localhost', meaning that you can only log in as root if
you're logging in on the server machine itself. Similarly,
'dobc_user'@'' would mean you could only log in as odbc_user from
that IP address. You should look at creating a user 'my_user_name'@'%' - the
percent sign means "any" and lets you connect from any machine.

If you're prompted for PORT, by the way, you should probably enter 3306. I
think that's the default if you leave it blank, but it's the port that MySQL
usually runs over.

If I've missed anything obvious, list members feel free to correct me / add
stuff. Let us know if you've got any more questions.

Al McNicoll
Integritec Ltd

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Subject: My SQL ODBC connectivity in Networks


I will describe my problem.

I have MySQL running in one machine... and say I have one database in it.

Now I want to create a ODBC connectivity in another machine for the MySQL
database in other machine...

This is the setup...

Now what are the parameters which I should give....




my doubts are...server name should be the IP address of the machine in which
MySQL is running?

Can you help in this regard...

Thanks in advance...

Sathish Kumar S

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