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From:Al McNicoll Date:June 20 2006 12:57pm
Subject:RE: MS Access vs Mysql
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Hi there,


I hope this is the question you're asking - if not, sorry!


To connect MS Access clients to a MySQL DB, the easiest thing to do is to
create a DSN (usually under Data Sources (ODBC) in Administrative Tools,
within Control Panel). A DSN contains lots of connection information - the
driver used to connect, the server's IP or network name, connection options,


To create the DSN, make sure you've got myODBC installed (that's the
ODBC-MySQL driver) - it's a free download from Then go to Data
Sources, under Control Panel->Administrative Tools and create a new system
DSN. Enter the details - port is usually 3306 but can be left blank - if
your server has a static local IP then you can enter that, but otherwise a
machine name is good, and look on the MySQL connector site about the options
you should choose when connecting from MS Access.

See: and

See also:


Then, within Access, go to file->Import->Link Tables. Under "files of type",
choose ODBC databases (should be near to last entry). This will then bring
up a familiar "select data source" box - choose your System DSN and then hit
OK. Link the tables you want.


A note to consider: if you did an export from Access to create the MySQL
tables, check that you've set all the primary keys, otherwise Access will
prompt you for each table as to which field is primary or unique.


Hope that helps,


Al McNicoll

Integritec Ltd <> 



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I am MSaccess programmer. I had split my database. The server runs back-end

(tables only) and four machines are running the front-end (forms, queries,

reports and macros). I managed to download Myqsl and MysqlODBC and managed

install them on a server (Advanced server 2000). I converted all the tables

from MSaccess to MYSQL. Now the question is how do I link the tables in

to the workstations that are connected to the server? I 



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