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From:Tom Atkins Date:April 27 2006 1:05pm
Subject:ODBC linux server and windows clients
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I have a Linux redhat server that needed updating, on it I have a mysql
database that I update every night via ODBC. I updated the redhat server
to fedora 4, that went fine but I had to update the mysql server 
manually, not a problem. I then found after the update I could not
connect via ODBC, the test in the DSN works fine and it says it was
successful but when you try to use it or link a new table the connection
just goes away. I tried to trace it but it appears I do not have the
file "myodbc3d.dll" to replace "myodbc3.dll". I have been checking thing
like privileges to insure I didn't fry something during the update, all
tables are fine and everything works great on the linux server. So I
started suspecting the ODBC side from the windows machines. What really
bothers me is I went and ran the ODBC setup on a PC that was not
connected before to the server update and it works just fine, no
problems at all. All the PC's that were connected before the update have
the same problem, the ODBC connection fails, at least for existing
applications that were linked prior to the update. If you try to link a
new table, Access just sits there with no feed back and the tables never
come up.
The only thing that changed was the the version of mysql, and I would
think that has to be the problem as nothing changed on the clients, but
a fresh install on a client that was not connected before works fine, so
I am totally lost at this point. The mysql server is up and listening on
port 3306, so what's the problem. Even if I uninstall everything from
the client and reinstall it I still get the same problems. I even tried
to telnet to the port on the server using port 3306 and it's there and
ready. The problem has to be on the client but what in the world could
it be?
Any help appreciated.

ODBC linux server and windows clientsTom Atkins27 Apr
RE: ODBC linux server and windows clientsDavid Dindorp27 Apr