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From:Daniel Kasak Date:March 15 2006 12:33am
Subject:Re: C/ODBC v3.51.13 SQLMoreResuts
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Peter Harvey wrote:
> Another prerelease as been uploaded to;
> This will be of interest for those who want SQLMoreResuts. Its a first 
> pass but our smoke tests seem to indicate it works fine. Please give 
> it a try and let us know how it works for you.
This one is more unstable than the last.
Now I'm getting the dreaded 'catastrophic failure' error ... somewhere. 
I clicked the 'debug' button in the error dialog to see what had caused 
such a catastrophe, but then Access crashed.

The SQL log for this crash is up at:

 ... however I don't see anything that strange about it.

Anyway, where I was getting a good 10 - 15 minutes out of the previous 
one, this version of 3.51.13 lasts less than 1 minute before stacking it.

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