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From:Martin J. Evans Date:March 10 2006 9:52am
Subject:Re: Connector/ODBC 3.51.13
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That log has a failing call to SQLSetDescField for the OctetLengthPtr
presumably because myodbc 3 does not support descriptors. From what Peter said
in previous posting this sounds like it will be in v 5. Whatever
"ElectronicBills" is, it would appear it is ignoring this failure and

Martin J. Evans
Easysoft Ltd, UK

On 09-Mar-2006 Daniel Kasak wrote:
> Peter Harvey wrote:
>>> OK. Scratch that part about 'good enough to use'.
>> Dan,
>> Sorry about that experience.
> That's OK. I knew I was installing development software. I was just
> venting because I'd had a difficult hour - and also warning others who
> might hit the same problem. I certainly don't blame you.
>> This is going to be my priority tomorrow from the looks of things so 
>> any info you can pass on would be good. I would expect that it can be 
>> resolved by end of the day tomorrow - will see.
>> The regular ODBC log/trace may be of particular interest. The ODBC 
>> calls which MS Access causes can sometimes be surprising.
> An ODBC log is up at:
> Sorry about the delay. I originally attached it, and eventually got a 
> message back that it was too big. When I switched to a different
> Access database shell, I triggered it pretty much first go. I can't
> really explain why I can't make our other Access db crash, but anyway, I
> hope this has the info you're after. The last command in the log is
> "show status like 'Connections'". I've got an invisible form that
> regularly does this - we use this to keep the connection alive. Without
> it, if you leave Access inactive for an extended period of time, it
> crashes. I'm actually pretty sure that this was fixed by an update to
> the MS Jet driver, but the code is still in place just in case ( it also
> doubled as a nice MySQL status bar updater thing, but this is also doing
> some whacky stuff ( instead of fetching actual status indicators, I'm
> just getting a series of 'box outline' characters ) after upgrading the
> server from 4.0.x to 4.1.x. It's possible that this is the cause of the
> problem, but I doubt it somehow - I'm mentioning it just in case.
> I had hoped that Access would offer a crash log when it died, but it
> only displays the info ( ie the stuff that it's going to send to
> Microsoft ) on-screen ... it doesn't let you copy & paste :(
> Thanks for your help Peter :)
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