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From:Peter Harvey Date:March 9 2006 10:50pm
Subject:Re: The current state of myodbc - recent posts on this list
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> As an aside (but an example), a recent issue I found was in MyODBC
> and I'd imagine it would be trivial to change (should it be deemed the
> right thing to do). Options = 2 (I think, off the top of my head) causes
> MyODBC to return the true affected rows (like other DBs do e.g. the
> rows in the select list of an update) rather than the rows actually 
> changed.
> I hit problems doing "update table set column = ? where column = 'xxx' 
> because
> the affected rows when ? = 'xxx' is 0. In my opion the default should
> be the other way around (which I believe is the way other DBs work).


Thanks for your comments. I am switching between v3 work and v5 work. In 
fact I was only planning on making v3.51.13 a quick release with just a 
few fixs. This in light of the fact that I will be at a MySQL dev 
meeting next week and on vacation for the 2 weeks after that (cycling 
from Naples to Madrid). But I have been spending more time than planned 
on this visit to v3 in the hope to address some of these long standing 
or more serious issues.

It is clear to me that we can do much better. One of the things which 
will give me more time to do fixs & dev is to see about getting our 
engineering team to do the distro and post-build testing work (they do 
this for the server). I think we may also have to consider reducing our 
platform list a bit so we can spend more time on MS Windows, Linux, and 
OSX (particularly MS Windows as many people use MS Access & ODBC to get 
to our server).

The 'end-game' is v5 so this is what I really need to stay focused upon. 
v5 is a completely different code base so some fixs are not as relevant 
to v5 as they are to v3.

With v5 we will have support for things like;

- unicode
- proper support for descriptors
- complete support for diagnostics
- multiple result-sets
- latest server features
- and a host of internal things to make maintaining the driver easier 
and us more responsive

Now with that said; it would seem that I have promised to get back to a 
few people about some bugs and my day is slipping away :)

BTW: Martin, I will be contacting you about those fixs you mentioned but 
probably not until I am back from Europe. Thanks much!

Peter Harvey


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