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From:David Dindorp Date:March 9 2006 5:03pm
Subject:RE: Need Input: Is C# -> ODBC -> MySQL 5 Ready For Prime Time?
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> I'm slated to do a Visual Studio 2005/C# project with
> MySQL 5 and just want to know if the ODBC connector:
> 1. Is the best way to hook these guys together (.Net/MySQL5)?
> 2. Is stable?

* The .NET connector seems to change a lot, while Microsoft's
  System.Data.Odbc rarely changes.

* MyODBC has got a couple more years on it's back than the
  .NET connector.

That's a couple plus points for using MyODBC as glue.

In the 'cons' section would be that there are bugs in MyODBC which
relate to .NET, and the MyODBC team is, hrm, not so good at fixing

I know of these two:

(And one more which is rather trivial that I haven't submitted).

> 3. Supports calling stored procs?

Peter Harvey (_the_ MyODBC developer) is working on that, so
there's a good chance that it will work in the next release.

There's a release candidate / community preview of MyODBC out,
so you might want to make a prototype to test with your needs.

> It's an enterprise app for a small company and it MUST be
> reliable and I just want to make sure I'm heading down the
> correct path.

I wouldn't recommend MyODBC for anything production-wise.

Not so much because it doesn't work, but because the developer
(Mr. Harvey) will randomly care about some bugs and not at all
about others.

And I'm afraid that it might be .NET bugs that he doesn't care about.
As an example, take the two bugs I mentioned above.  One of
them is extremely trivial to fix.  One bug has been open for
19 months, the other (trivial one) for 4 months.

Another issue is how communication with the developers
of Connector/ODBC vs. Connector/NET works.

I last mentioned the simpler of the above MyODBC issues
on this list about a week ago: (alternate)

I got absolutely zero response from Mr. Harvey on the list and
on personal mail.  (I'm not trying to whip up an unfriendly
environment or anything - just stating bare facts.)

You might want to go with MyODBC, and, to be sure that you will get
the attention you need for any bugs you discover, sign a support
contract with MySQL (which we did).  Well, hmm, don't expect that
to get things moving along any faster ;-)..

The support people are mighty, mighty friendly folks, but as far
as fixing anything but the most trivial of bugs go, don't expect
them to do that..

OTOH, from lurking over on the .NET list, I've seen on a couple
of occasions that the developers actively joined a discussion
about a particular bug or problem that someone had.

So if I had to guess, I'd say that there's a bigger chance that
you will get reasonable treatment of any issues you might have
if you choose to use the .NET connector.

That's all I can say (got a bit lengthy, sorry ;-)).  Just my
personal observations, and they might turn out not to be true
for you, so take them with a grain of salt.  I hope it's
helpful as input.

> Thanks so much in advance !!!

No problemos.

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