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From:Daniel Kasak Date:November 7 2005 9:58pm
Subject:Re: MyODBC 3.5.12 and Stored Procedures
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Frank Maas wrote:

>I am currently feeding a Voice Response system from a MySQL database
>and it would be a lot less of a hassle if I could use Stored
>Procedures that return result sets. Now from a recent post by Peter I
>deduced that the latest version of MyODBC (3.5.12) was changed in such
>a way that an SP could return a result set.
You think as I do :)

>Has anyone be succesful
>in retrieving resultsets from an SP?
No. I was trying, but not getting anywhere. To make matters worse, I 
Win2k installation bombed out, and when I installed everything and did a 
Windows Update, it screwed with some msjet dll and now I can't even 
attach tables. I'm waiting on MyODBC-5. Apparently there will be another 
alpha release soon, and maybe this will fix both our problems.

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