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From:Frank Maas Date:November 7 2005 12:49pm
Subject:MyODBC 3.5.12 and Stored Procedures
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I am currently feeding a Voice Response system from a MySQL database
and it would be a lot less of a hassle if I could use Stored
Procedures that return result sets. Now from a recent post by Peter I
deduced that the latest version of MyODBC (3.5.12) was changed in such
a way that an SP could return a result set.

However: when I try to do this 'at home' I get the error that the
"PROCEDURE cannot return a resultset in the given context". I wrote to
the list and to Peter about this, but either my mail got bounced, or
Peter is just too busy, or my question just too stupid. So I am trying
my luch again, but now with a new post/thread. Has anyone be succesful
in retrieving resultsets from an SP? If so: how did you succeed? Do
you have any pointers?

[My setup: Win2003 Server, MySQL 5.0.15, MyODBC 3.5.12-2 (binary package)]


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