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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 8 2000 10:29pm
Subject:Win shareware uninstall/install
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>>>>> "David" == David Nicholls <nicholls@stripped> writes:

David> Now that I've found out how to get messages to the list :-( , here's my
David> question:

David> Preamble: I installed MySQL Win32 shareware in September (Win98 PWS4
David> MyODBC) to explore using it with Cold Fusion and/or PHP. I had a devil
David> of a job getting MyODBC installed and working but succeeded (thanks in
David> large part to this list and its archives).  However, I found a lot of
David> problems with MySQL killing tables when I was trying to ALTER them (way
David> down the bottom of the learning curve, still there) so I dropped the
David> project.  

David> Since then, a number of things have happened.  The new Win32 shareware
David> MySQL, the new MySQLGUI 1.4, MySQLCentral and a new phpMyAdmin. I also
David> read a recent post by Sinisa that ALTER was buggy in the September99
David> version of MySQL Win shareware.

David> So I'd like to replace the old MySQL with the latest version and get
David> started on the learning exercise all over again.

David> My question:  what's the best way to install the latest version of MySQL
David> shareware without pooing all over existing hard-won working
David> installations of MyODBC, PHP, ODBC32 etc? 

David> [I recognise that the 30 day shareware limit has long since expired, but
David> I'm learning, not using MySQL.  I know this isn't entirely ethical]

Just make a backup copy your tables in the \mysql\data\mysql
directory for safety.

After this you can install the new MySQL version directly over the old
one, but without installing the privilege tables (you can copy back
your old tables if you do something wrong :).


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