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From:Michael Widenius Date:December 30 1999 1:01am
Subject:COnfiguration problem
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I was scanning old mails to check if we have any unsolved problems and
come across the belove mail message.  Do you still have this problem
or have you managed to solve this?

Anyway, please read the INSTALL file that comes with MyODBC;   This
describes what you have to do to get it to work! (Install the shared
library from MySQL 3.23.7)


>>>>> "Pedersen" == Pedersen  <Michael> writes:

Pedersen> When I try to configure MyODBC I get the following:
Pedersen> ...
Pedersen> checking for objdir... .libs
Pedersen> creating libtool
Pedersen> checking for the mysql client libraries... /usr/local/lib/mysql
Pedersen> checking for mysql_query in -lmysqlclient... (cached) yes
Pedersen> checking for mysql include files in /usr/local/include/mysql... no
Pedersen> configure: error: Could not find the mysql include file my_config.h in
Pedersen> /usr/local/include/mysql

Pedersen> I'm using the source version of MySQL 3.22.27 and iODBC 2.50.3.
Pedersen> My MyODBC is version 2.50.27

Pedersen> The include path is correct, but I simply don't have the file
Pedersen> my_config.h anywhere on my harddisk.

Pedersen> What should I download to get that file? I assume that some people have
Pedersen> successfully compiled this :)

Pedersen> I know that there is a development rpm to MySQL that might contain this
Pedersen> file, but it requires the rpm version of MySQL.

Pedersen> Regards,
Pedersen> Michael

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