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From:John David Duncan Date:January 30 2009 5:30pm
Subject:Re: New to the message API and have some questions
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Hi Tobi,

The best way to get messages is probably to have a stored procedure  
that loops around recv_mesg() and does some kind of work with every  
message it gets.

Does that help?


On Jan 30, 2009, at 9:19 AM, Tobias Stocker wrote:

> Hy there,
> I'm new to the message API and Spread Toolkit and thereto I have  
> some questions. My Spread setup works and I can exchange messages.  
> I'm planning to build some kind of partial replication with two  
> mysql servers.
> I understand how I can send a message to a group on server A, and I  
> know how to receive a message on server B. Is there a way to  
> autmaticaly receive messaged on server B and launch some actions  
> (statement, procedure etc.)? If I understand everything right, what  
> I'm not so sure about, I can only receive messages by calling the  
> recv_mesg function, but how can I call the function automaticaly if  
> a messages is queued?
> I hope my question is not too unclear.
> Anyway, thanks in advance and regards
> Tobi
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New to the message API and have some questions Tobias Stocker30 Jan
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