Threads for May 2008

review of (sanja:2632) WL#4401messagesMichael Widenius, sanja, Sanja Byelkin30 May
key cache mutex contention in MyISAMmessageMichael Widenius30 May
Maria team progress report for Week 2007-05-26 - 2008-06-01messageMichael Widenius30 May
bk commit into maria tree (monty:1.2634)messagemonty29 May
Plan of making engine parameters for frm (WL#2938)messageOleksandr \"Sanja\" Byelkin29 May
maria-purge.test alone and not alonemessagesGuilhem Bichot, Sanja Byelkin29 May
change done in mysql-test/include/ps_conv.incmessagesGuilhem Bichot, Michael Widenius27 May
LOCK_uuid_short in mysql-mariamessagesGuilhem Bichot, Vladislav Vaintroub27 May
bk commit into maria tree (jani:1.2632)messagejani26 May
bk commit into maria tree (jani:1.2643)messagesGuilhem Bichot, jani, Jani Tolonen19 May
Is there compression of text/blob columns or entire pages in Maria?messagesGuilhem Bichot, Michael Widenius16 May
review WL#4374 Maria - force start if Recovery fails multipletimesmessagesGuilhem Bichot, Michael Widenius15 May
test of flushmessageSanja Byelkin14 May
removing all log filesmessagesGuilhem Bichot, Sanja Byelkin13 May
bk commit into maria tree (serg:1.2630)messageSergei Golubchik9 May
Plans to make transaction log flush unserialisedmessagesMichael Widenius, Sanja Byelkin7 May
bk commit into maria tree (bell:1.2629)messagesanja7 May