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From:Guilhem Bichot Date:June 26 2008 12:25pm
Subject:update_status, copy_status [etc] in MyISAM
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Hello Konstantin,

I didn't really follow your discussion with Monty yesterday about
those functions and their influence on sql/, but a fact maybe
worth nothing is that in 6.0-maria (very soon to be merged into 6.0),
we have done a change: in 6.0 right now, the order is
to lock: external_lock and then thr_lock
to unlock: thr_unlock and then external_lock
and the change is that to unlock, the new order is:
external_lock and then thr_unlock.
Thus, restore_status and update_status calls have moved from
mysys/thr_lock.c to storage/myisam/mi_locking.c
But get_status and copy_status are still in thr_lock.c

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update_status, copy_status [etc] in MyISAMGuilhem Bichot26 Jun
  • Re: update_status, copy_status [etc] in MyISAMKonstantin Osipov26 Jun