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From:Michael Widenius Date:May 30 2008 9:36am
Subject:Maria team progress report for Week 2007-05-26 - 2008-06-01
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Here is a progress report of what's happened with Maria during the
week 2007-05-26 - 2008-06-01.

We are very close to being feature compleat for MySQL-5.1-maria; Just
a couple of more weeks (at the most).  After that we will plan to make
a last MySQL-5.1-maria-alpha build.  If there is no major bugs found
the next build should be a beta.

>>>>> "Guilhem" == Guilhem Bichot <guilhem@stripped> writes:


- Main item: finished the maria->6.0 merge:
* analyzed every change made to 6.0 by the merge, and sent report to
  team members with a few small action items.
* fixed failing tests


- Working on pushbuild failure, hard to repeat
- Plan of making engine parameters for frm (WL#2938)
- Need review for engine parameters and better log flush

Future plans:
- Work on engine parameters
- Push flush code after it's reviewed and approved


- Myisam changes merged with Maria
- Bug34884: Maria engine assertion failure; Sanja has probably this fixed in
  his tree; Jani will test

Future plans:
- Run tests and benchmarks on latest maria tree to test new versioning
   - Run test of concurrent inserts (without keys)
   - Run sql-bench test suite to compare with older Maria versions

- Pushed count(*)/checksum versioning
- Small overall optimzations and genral code cleanup (part of above push)

Future plans:
- Review all Sanja's pending patches
  It's not there yet...)
- Fix pushbuild failures (There is some things found related
  to the count(*) patch)
- Start on coding versioning of index with a target to finish it during
  next week.

Maria team progress report for Week 2007-05-26 - 2008-06-01Michael Widenius30 May