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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 7 2010 1:47pm
Subject:re: InnoDB Spin Stats Not Reported?
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>>>>> "Time" == Time Less <timelessness@stripped> writes:

Time> MariaDB [(none)]> status
Time> ...
Time> Server version:         5.1.44-MariaDB-mariadb75 <--not the newest, but...

Time> MariaDB [(none)]> show innodb status;
Time> ...
Time> Mutex spin waits 68, rounds 1930, OS waits 64 <--something

Time> MariaDB [(none)]> show global status like '%spin%';
Time> Empty set (0.00 sec) <--nothing?!

Time> Why are InnoDB spin rounds, spin waits, OS waits not reported? I rewrote a
Time> Ganglia plugin to graph stats and assumed I didn't need to parse "show
Time> innodb status" anymore. Should I revisit my assumptions?

The engine developers can themselves decide which status variables they
export.  In this case the InnoDB & XtraDB developers has decide it's
not critical to show the above variables to the end user.

In MySQL 5.5 (and MariaDB 5.5) we will have a new interface that
allows one easily monitor mutex usage.

If you want something before that, you can alway submit a patch for
XtraDB about adding the variables you deem critical to show status.

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