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From:Time Less Date:August 5 2010 11:01pm
Subject:InnoDB Spin Stats Not Reported?
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MariaDB [(none)]> status
Server version:         5.1.44-MariaDB-mariadb75 <--not the newest, but...

MariaDB [(none)]> show innodb status;
Mutex spin waits 68, rounds 1930, OS waits 64 <--something

MariaDB [(none)]> show global status like '%spin%';
Empty set (0.00 sec) <--nothing?!

Why are InnoDB spin rounds, spin waits, OS waits not reported? I rewrote a
Ganglia plugin to graph stats and assumed I didn't need to parse "show
innodb status" anymore. Should I revisit my assumptions?


InnoDB Spin Stats Not Reported?Time Less6 Aug
  • re: InnoDB Spin Stats Not Reported?Michael Widenius7 Aug