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From:Guilhem Bichot Date:January 16 2009 9:00pm
Subject:bzr commit into MySQL/Maria:mysql-maria branch (guilhem:2720) Bug#42112
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#At bzr+ssh:// based on revid:guilhem@stripped

 2720 Guilhem Bichot	2009-01-16
      Fix for BUG#42112 "Maria: recovery failure (pushbuild2) Assertion `rownr == 0 && new_page' failed"

per-file messages:
    result update
    Test for BUG#42112; before the bugfix, recovery would assert like this:
    ma_blockrec.c:6051: _ma_apply_redo_insert_row_head_or_tail: Assertion `rownr == 0 && new_page' failed.
    Fix for BUG#42112; plus some intentional crashes to test the fix. The bug was that if crash happened during
    TRUNCATE TABLE, in maria_create(), after the index file's state has been written but before its LSNs
    have been updated (so, if crash happened between _ma_state_info_write_sub() and _ma_update_state__lsns_sub()),
    then that would leave a table with create_rename_lsn==0. Recovery would then try old pre-TRUNCATE REDOs
    on this table, and fail as this table is already partly shortened. Fix is to write create_rename_lsn==LSN_MAX
    as soon as TRUNCATE touches the index file, so that Recovery ignores this table. This allows Maria to start;
    the table is still corrupted but the user can successfully repeat TRUNCATE TABLE (which required Maria to start).
    A comment.
=== modified file 'mysql-test/suite/maria/r/maria-recovery3.result'
--- a/mysql-test/suite/maria/r/maria-recovery3.result	2009-01-15 15:14:47 +0000
+++ b/mysql-test/suite/maria/r/maria-recovery3.result	2009-01-16 21:00:39 +0000
@@ -63,5 +63,31 @@ ok
 * compared t1 to old version
 use mysqltest;
 drop table t1;
+create table t1 engine=maria select 1;
+* copied t1 for feeding_recovery
+set global maria_checkpoint_interval=0;
+insert into t1 values(2);
+truncate table t1;
+flush table t1;
+* copied t1 for comparison
+truncate table t1;
+SET SESSION debug="+d,maria_flush_whole_log,maria_crash_create_table";
+* crashing mysqld intentionally
+truncate table t1;
+ERROR HY000: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
+* recovery happens
+check table t1 extended;
+Table	Op	Msg_type	Msg_text
+mysqltest.t1	check	warning	Size of indexfile is: 372      Should be: 8192
+mysqltest.t1	check	status	OK
+* testing that checksum after recovery is as expected
+use mysqltest;
+truncate table t1;
+check table t1 extended;
+Table	Op	Msg_type	Msg_text
+mysqltest.t1	check	status	OK
+drop table t1;
 drop database mysqltest_for_comparison;
 drop database mysqltest;

=== modified file 'mysql-test/suite/maria/t/maria-recovery3.test'
--- a/mysql-test/suite/maria/t/maria-recovery3.test	2009-01-15 15:14:47 +0000
+++ b/mysql-test/suite/maria/t/maria-recovery3.test	2009-01-16 21:00:39 +0000
@@ -88,6 +88,28 @@ check table t1 extended;
 -- source include/
 drop table t1;
+# Test for BUG#42112 "Maria: recovery failure (pushbuild2) Assertion
+# `rownr == 0 && new_page' failed"
+let $mvr_restore_old_snapshot=0;
+let $mms_compare_physically=0;
+create table t1 engine=maria select 1;
+-- source include/
+set global maria_checkpoint_interval=0; # no checkpoints
+insert into t1 values(2);
+truncate table t1;
+-- source include/
+let $mvr_crash_statement= truncate table t1;
+let $mvr_debug_option="+d,maria_flush_whole_log,maria_crash_create_table";
+truncate table t1;
+-- source include/
+# Table is bad but at least Recovery didn't crash and a new truncate
+# can succeed:
+truncate table t1;
+check table t1 extended;
+drop table t1;
 # clean up everything
 let $mms_purpose=comparison;
 eval drop database mysqltest_for_$mms_purpose;

=== modified file 'storage/maria/ma_create.c'
--- a/storage/maria/ma_create.c	2008-10-15 20:00:35 +0000
+++ b/storage/maria/ma_create.c	2009-01-16 21:00:39 +0000
@@ -750,6 +750,13 @@ int maria_create(const char *name, enum 
       (via maria_recreate_table()) and it does not have a log.
     sync_dir= MY_SYNC_DIR;
+    /*
+      If crash between _ma_state_info_write_sub() and
+      _ma_update_state__lsns_sub(), table should be ignored by Recovery (or
+      old REDOs would fail), so we cannot let LSNs be 0:
+    */
+    share.state.skip_redo_lsn= share.state.is_of_horizon=
+      share.state.create_rename_lsn= LSN_MAX;
   if (datafile_type == DYNAMIC_RECORD)
@@ -1059,11 +1066,21 @@ int maria_create(const char *name, enum 
                                        log_array, NULL, NULL) ||
       goto err;
+    share.kfile.file= file;
+    DBUG_EXECUTE_IF("maria_flush_whole_log",
+                    {
+                      DBUG_PRINT("maria_flush_whole_log", ("now"));
+                      translog_flush(translog_get_horizon());
+                    });
+    DBUG_EXECUTE_IF("maria_crash_create_table",
+                    {
+                      DBUG_PRINT("maria_crash_create_table", ("now"));
+                      DBUG_ABORT();
+                    });
       store LSN into file, needed for Recovery to not be confused if a
       DROP+CREATE happened (applying REDOs to the wrong table).
-    share.kfile.file= file;
     if (_ma_update_state_lsns_sub(&share, lsn, trnman_get_min_safe_trid(),
                                   FALSE, TRUE))
       goto err;

=== modified file 'storage/maria/ma_delete_all.c'
--- a/storage/maria/ma_delete_all.c	2008-06-26 05:18:28 +0000
+++ b/storage/maria/ma_delete_all.c	2009-01-16 21:00:39 +0000
@@ -115,6 +115,12 @@ int maria_delete_all_rows(MARIA_HA *info
       but redo_insert are skipped (dirty pages list is empty).
       To avoid this, we need to set skip_redo_lsn now, and thus need to sync
+      Also fixes the problem of:
+      bulk insert; insert; delete_all; crash:
+      "bulk insert" is skipped (no REDOs), so if "insert" would not be skipped
+      (if we didn't update skip_redo_lsn below) then "insert" would be tried
+      and fail, saying that it sees that the first page has to be created
+      though the inserted row has rownr>0.
     my_bool error= _ma_state_info_write(share, 1|4) ||
       _ma_update_state_lsns(share, lsn, trnman_get_min_trid(), FALSE, FALSE) ||

bzr commit into MySQL/Maria:mysql-maria branch (guilhem:2720) Bug#42112Guilhem Bichot16 Jan