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From:Guilhem Bichot Date:November 20 2008 2:22pm
Subject:Re: Incompatible change in data file format for Maria
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Michael Widenius a écrit, Le 11/20/2008 02:18 PM:
> Hi!
> We are just about ready to declare the Maria engine as beta.  We are
> feature complete but have a few bugs left to fix before we can do a
> beta release. Optimistic ETA for beta is 1-2 weeks.
> Please add to the Maria manual the following:
> (I just added this to the KNOWN_BUGS.txt file in the Maria tree):
> If you have been using a MySQL-5.1-Maria-alpha build and upgrading to
> MySQL-5.1-Maria-beta you MUST run maria_chk --zerofill on all your
> Maria tables.  This is because we made an incompatible change of how
> transaction id is stored and old transaction id's must be reset!
> cd mysql-data-directory
> maria_chk --zerofill */*.MAI

And as Monty mentioned in another email today, for this "maria_chk 
--zerofill" command to work, one needs to use the maria_chk shipped with 
the MySQL version of *before-the-upgrade* (the newer maria_chk won't 
parse old tables when using --zerofill).
Monty also noted that however, if one uses "maria_chk --recover" instead 
of "maria_chk --zerofill", it will work with the maria_chk shipped with 
the MySQL versions of before-the-upgrade *and* of after-the-upgrade (so 
why not just recommend "maria_chk --recover" and forget about "maria_chk 
--zerofill"? I guess, because --recover is slower).

> PS: This also affects anyone using Maria tables before MySQL-6.0.9

A quite important PS, the changelog of 6.0.9 needs it.

Incompatible change in data file format for MariaMichael Widenius20 Nov
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