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From:Guilhem Bichot Date:October 17 2008 12:56pm
Subject:Re: automated ./mtr with default-storage-engine=maria
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Guilhem Bichot a écrit :
> Hi Jani,
> as said this morning, here's how I run the entire test suite against Maria.
> So it builds checkout0, runs tests, eliminates some uninteresting 
> differences like in ENGINE= in SHOW CREATE TABLE.
> And then makes a diff against the previous results (of checkout-1), 
> emails me this diff.

Here is what I have in the latest checkout, that can serve as a 
reference for the script when it does diff-ing. You can just put those 
two files in checkout-1/mysql-test/. When you run the script, you will 
receive the diff compared to those files.
nm is for "normal mixed", pr is for "ps-protocol row-based", like in 

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automated ./mtr with default-storage-engine=mariaGuilhem Bichot17 Oct
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