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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 25 2008 7:23pm
Subject:re: merge of Maria into 6.0
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>>>>> "Guilhem" == Guilhem Bichot <guilhem@stripped> writes:

Guilhem> Hello,
Guilhem> Jani was saying today that of all these merges of 5.1-main into
Guilhem> 5.1-maria, that we have done over the last two years, some may have
Guilhem> introduced problems (wrong merges). I agree with him. I think that we
Guilhem> should not port these problems into 6.0-main when we, in a few weeks
Guilhem> hopefully, merge 5.1-maria into 6.0-main.

Guilhem> So I suggest that once we are code-complete for Maria version 1.5 (all
Guilhem> tasks pushed), we, instead of pushing immediately into 6.0-main (or
Guilhem> 6.0-maria to be created), take the time to do this:
Guilhem> 1) merge the latest 5.1-main into 5.1-maria
Guilhem> 2) do a full diff between the resulting 5.1-maria and 5.1-main, and a
Guilhem> full review of this diff (with certain pieces reviewed by the most
Guilhem> competent person, for example, dbug/ diff would be reviewed by Serg).

Just a note:

The above was already done in December by me.  Most of the important
changes is in the mysql-5.1-marvel tree which should soon be part of 5.1

In other words, I don't think there are any bad merges to take care of.
We can of course do this anyway, but I don't expect to find anything

Guilhem> 3) do a diff between 5.1-maria/storage/myisam and
Guilhem> 5.1-maria/storage/maria and a review of it (as we have seen in the
Guilhem> past that we sometimes forgot to merge MyISAM into Maria); this will
Guilhem> be difficult because some reworking was done into Maria, but I believe
Guilhem> we still have to do it.

I don't think this part is possible anymore.  Too much changes to do
any decent comparison in a reasonable time.

Assuming that most major bug fixes in MyISAM have test cases, we
already have a good verification that Maria parts are ok by running
all tests with the Maria engine.

Guilhem> I think this work could take 3 days (I'm not counting step (1) which
Guilhem> we have to do anyway even if we don't do diffs).
Guilhem> After doing that we should have confidence in our tree for the big
Guilhem> merge into 6.0.

Guilhem> Note the drawback of this scheme: it would delay our push into 6.0 a
Guilhem> bit, but for a good cause.

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