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From:Guilhem Bichot Date:October 15 2008 7:50pm
Subject:review of deadlock detector patch II
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If thread comes to waiting with timeout, in pthread_cond_timedwait()s of 
wt_thd_timedwait(), will a "KILL QUERY" on this thread stop the wait? I 
don't think so, because waiting_threads.c does not make use of 

Some engines don't end the wait in such cases (InnoDB? still the case?). 
On the other hand, Maria is maybe supposed to be more integrated in the 
server than external engines, so could honour KILL QUERY.

PS: I'm sorry for sending the review in pieces like this, but it may be 
better than giving you the full list of issues in one go much later.
Let me know if you wish me to copy those first comments already sent, in 
to the final big review email.

Mr. Guilhem Bichot <guilhem@stripped>
Sun Microsystems / MySQL, Lead Software Engineer
Bordeaux, France /

review of deadlock detector patch IIGuilhem Bichot15 Oct