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From:Guilhem Bichot Date:April 25 2008 10:14am
Subject:merge of Maria into 6.0
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Jani was saying today that of all these merges of 5.1-main into
5.1-maria, that we have done over the last two years, some may have
introduced problems (wrong merges). I agree with him. I think that we
should not port these problems into 6.0-main when we, in a few weeks
hopefully, merge 5.1-maria into 6.0-main.
So I suggest that once we are code-complete for Maria version 1.5 (all
tasks pushed), we, instead of pushing immediately into 6.0-main (or
6.0-maria to be created), take the time to do this:
1) merge the latest 5.1-main into 5.1-maria
2) do a full diff between the resulting 5.1-maria and 5.1-main, and a
full review of this diff (with certain pieces reviewed by the most
competent person, for example, dbug/ diff would be reviewed by Serg).
3) do a diff between 5.1-maria/storage/myisam and
5.1-maria/storage/maria and a review of it (as we have seen in the
past that we sometimes forgot to merge MyISAM into Maria); this will
be difficult because some reworking was done into Maria, but I believe
we still have to do it.

I think this work could take 3 days (I'm not counting step (1) which
we have to do anyway even if we don't do diffs).
After doing that we should have confidence in our tree for the big
merge into 6.0.

Note the drawback of this scheme: it would delay our push into 6.0 a
bit, but for a good cause.

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