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From:Guilhem Bichot Date:April 24 2008 9:48am
Subject:is rowid stored in UNDO_KEY_INSERT, in the end?
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Hello Monty,

We had had this discussion on Dec 19:

<guilhem>	monty|movie: I realize: two days ago you wrote:
<guilhem>	Dec 17 <monty>	guilhem: Do you want to know the problem with the
first bug you found (a bit intersting, maybe...)
<guilhem>	Dec 17 <monty>	In UNDO for keys, I generated the key to be inserted.
This was the WHOLE key, including row number.
<guilhem>	Dec 17 <monty>	Problem was that when doing the undo, the undo for
the row could put the row on a different position than the original and then the row
number is of course different
<guilhem>	Dec 17 <monty>	Strange that our tests didn't cover this before...
<guilhem>	Dec 17 <monty>	Solution was two fold:
<guilhem>	Dec 17 <monty>	- For undo of key (ie, insert of key when replaying),
don't store row id
<guilhem>	Dec 17 <monty>	- On execeute of undo of row, store in memory and in
CRC the new row id
<guilhem>	Dec 17 <monty>	- When creating key for undo-key-delete, use stored
row id
<guilhem>	Dec 17 <monty>	- When reading clrs, always remmeber the row id in
case of undo-row-delete
<guilhem>	Now, you are fixing that undo_row_delete puts the row back into the same
place, so your big fix above becomes theoretically unneeded;
<guilhem>	Without knowing much, I had the impression that this big fix was complex,
possibly risky, especially I am not 100% sure it's recovery-safe (though I have no clear
idea why);
<guilhem>	hence my question: is it worth disabling your big fix of two days ago and
going back to the simpler code (where UNDO contains the rowid inside the key)? Isn't it a
nice simplification?
<monty>	guilhem: the bug fix that I made for UNDO should still work. The benetif for
this is that if you have 5 keys, I only store the pointer to the row onec
<guilhem>	monty: ok, as you prefer.
<monty>	So it's a simplification to go back, but will log more
<guilhem>	monty: I leave it up to your judgement
<monty>	I have thought about it
<monty>	lets make it this way:  If there is a single bug in that code, then I revert
<monty>	ok ?
<guilhem>	monty: Ok!

I was studying ma_blockrec.c and ma_key_recover.c today, and I have the
impression that afterwards, you removed the bugfix (made the
simplification). For example, in revision 1.22 of ma_delete.c,
function _ma_ck_delete(), you added (Dec 30):
    /* Log also position to row */
    key_length+= share->rec_reflength;

This is all fine with me, I just wonder if I didn't miss anything.
is rowid stored in UNDO_KEY_INSERT, in the end?Guilhem Bichot24 Apr
  • re: is rowid stored in UNDO_KEY_INSERT, in the end?Michael Widenius25 Apr