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From:Guilhem Bichot Date:April 18 2008 9:03am
Subject:Sanja's patch for BUG#34695 to review
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Hi Serg,

Sanja has this loghandler-related patch for review:
since some time.

You remember I suggested you do it, as you have reviewed the whole log
Sanja suspects that this patch could fix some failures observed in
pushbuild, so we would like to push it to observe its effects (the
amount of red in Maria's pushbuild worries me a bit).
Could you please try to look at it when you are back from UC (after
the well-deserved pause that you might take)? I mean, try to not take
new commitments which would delay this review.

Thank you!

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Sanja's patch for BUG#34695 to reviewGuilhem Bichot18 Apr