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From:Cris Perdue Date:May 20 1999 4:19pm
Subject:Re: JDBC transactions
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To add a few more comments, MySQL does not support transaction rollback
or isolation between different database connections, so the results of
updates, inserts and deletes immediately affect all future queries on
all connections. In other words, the MySQL drivers implement the
transaction primitives, as they must do, but MySQL doesn't provide any
interesting transactional behavior.

You can get some of the same important benefits by locking tables, but
there is nothing like "rollback" in MySQL.


> Jon Williams wrote:
> >
> > probably a stupid question,
> > but here goes anyway.
> >
> > MySQL doesn't support SQL transactions correct?
> >
> > I notice that the mm JDBC driver has the transactions methods
> > on it's Connection object.
> >
> > My question is, do these methods work?
> > if so, how?
> >
> > thanks
> > jw
> Hi JW
> These methods "work" in mm and twz as specified in the JDBC API.
> This means, that they throw SQLException if you try to turn AUTO_COMMIT off.
> Tschau
> Christian
Cris Perdue
Impact Online, Inc.

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