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From:Christian Mack Date:May 20 1999 11:50am
Subject:Re: SQLWarning problem
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Thomas Olsson wrote:
> Hello,
> I cannot get the mm mysql driver (or perhaps mysql) to report ANY
> SQLWarnings. I've tried really provoking mysql.
> Okej, here's what I'm interesed in. I insert without checking types into
> a mysql database from my servlet using mm mysql JDBC driver. Since I do
> not type check I want mysql and mm mysql to warn me when wrong type is
> inserted.
> To get the warnings I've tried using getWarnings() on both Statement and
> Connection. But every time I no warnings at all! I know there has been
> warnings from mysql. I have indeed inserted an erroneous type.
> I'm using mm mysql 1.0, mysql 3.22.16a on a Solaris machine.
> By the way, is there any specific changes that has to be done to use mm
> mysql 1.1x? Tried to exchange the jar to mm mysql 1.1i, but then the
> program did not work. (Have not looked closer at why.)
> All help appreciated.
> Thomas

Hi Thomas

Mysql doesn't provide warning messages. It only delivers a warning count.
Because of this you can't get them via JDBC.

Sorry don't use mm 1.1i at the moment.
1.1g works without problems for me.


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