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From:ian Stanton Date:October 14 2006 4:34pm
Subject:JDBC and unicode characters
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  I'm having problems getting unicode characters from my MySQL database  into my Java
program.  I'm using the Connector/J driver and MySQL  5.
  I have made some additions to the MySQL my.cnf file which have the  effect of allowing
the unicode characters to display when running  queries in MySQL.
  But when running a query through Connector/J and Java the java output is ? wherever a
unicode character is expected.
  I'm lost as to a solution.  
  Does anyone have an idea of how I can fix this?
  I have compiled the Java program with the utf8 character set flag but  this doesn't
help.  I don' t think the problem relates to Java  since I can get normal Java programs
that don't connect to a database  to output unicode characters without issue.  It's either
a MySQL  characterset setting or a Connector/J setting.
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