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From:Mark Matthews Date:April 29 1999 5:06pm
Subject:RE: insert variables
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> Subject: insert variables
> Hi!
> I am having difficulty creating an insert statement in Java that would
> use variable values as the values parameters.
> None of the following worked -- I would get either the name of the
> variable instead of the value or nothing at all:
> String value1 = new String("blah");
> insert into table values (value1);
>  or
> insert into table values ('value1');
>  or
> insert into table values ("value1");
>  or
> insert into table values (\'value1\');
>  or
> insert into table values (\"value1\");
> The context in which I need to use this is more complex than building an
> object string from a known value.

There are two ways to do this. You can do:

	String SQL = "insert into table values ('" + value1 + "')";

	PreparedStatement PStmt = Connex.prepareStatement("insert into table values
	PStmt.setString(1, "Some Value");

Java and JDBC do not do inline variable expansion like some variants of
embedded SQL, or Perl, so you have to use one of the above two methods.


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