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From:Christian Mack Date:April 29 1999 10:00am
Subject:Re: Jdbc with Mysql on Linux SuSE
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Mohamed Riaz wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to connect via Jdbc to the MySQL database with twz1 driver
> class.
> I can easily connect to the tables in the mysql db.  to use other db
> i tried
> DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:z1MySQL:/mydomain:3306/dbname");
> i tried
> statement.executeQuery("USE db");
>     which gives no -use is supported.
> i tired
> setting in .jdbc.MySqlproperties
> db=dbname;
> they do not seem to work i get E2024 type error.
> could any body help
> thanks,
> Riaz.

Hello Mohamed

No "USE db" supported?!
Looks like using a _very_ old version of MySQL server (perhaps a 3.20.xx?).
Then you eventually have to use another port number (3333 instead of 3306) in your
.getConnection() URL.

Perhaps you have a permission problem here. With which user name and password are you
trying to connect to mysql and how are the priviledges set for this user?

If all this doesn't help, please send us your mysql server version, your twz driver
version and your JDK version.
Also send the full error messages or stacktrace you get.


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