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From:Christian Mack Date:April 23 1999 6:25pm
Subject:Re: Java Help needed!!
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> I have developed a prototype using java applets and with Mysql as the
> database running on the server. My problem is that , this prototype works
> fine wehn I run the browser on the server. But when I try from the clients
> ..its gives me the following exception.
> Security error : Method Verification error.
> When I tried another smaller code from the client works fine from teh
> accesses the database and everything is fine.
> Please help me..cause I have to finish this project in another 10 days!!
> Ritesh.

Hi Ritesh

'Method Verification error.' only occures, if either the class/jar/zip files are
corrupted, or your jar file contains invalid signing information.

The  solution is to recreate your applet. Then copy it as a binary to the Webserver.
And ensure, that the client browser knows the CA used to sign the applet.

You always should tell us at least your Java version, browser name and version, mysql


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