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From:Cris Perdue Date:April 22 1999 9:13pm
Subject:[Fwd: mysql-java: Examples with MM and Twz and Solaris JDK117]
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Here is an earlier posting about getting started with the
actively-support MySQL JDBC drivers:

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Subject: mysql-java: Examples with MM and Twz and Solaris JDK117
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 18:11:42 +0100
From: "Daniel K. Schneider" <Daniel.Schneider@stripped>
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Hi fellow newbies,
Since I didn't find much and since I suffered during 2 days, I thought
that other Java/MySQL/DB/JDBC newbies could suffer less. So check:

Contains working MySQL examples from Mydene Fisher's JDBC Basics

Drivers used: Mark Matthews' MM and Terrence W. Zeller's Twz.

Disclaimer: Nothing fancy: just connect, create, drop, insert and query
with a VERY simple example + a note about a VERY ugly "unsuitable
Driver problem". Also, don't ask me difficult questions ! I am REALLY
a newbie ;)

- enjoy Daniel
PS: if you like smallish index pages (in one page):

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