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From:Jim Ridenour Date:April 22 1999 10:19am
Subject:Re: mysql & jdbc drivers
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   As far as I know twz only works with Java versions prior to 1.2.

At 04:48 PM 4/21/99 -0400, Robert H. Thompson wrote:
>I am having a problem with the twz1FM and mm.mysql jdbc drivers for
>the MySql database. At home I have red hat linux 5.2 kernel 2.0.36
>with the latest mysql and twz1ForMysql driver and mm.mysql driver. 
>and the blackdown jdk1.2 port. 
>1) I explicitly compile with:
>   javac -classpath /mysql/twz1/twz1ForMysql.jar 
>   and the program compiles fine.
>   I try to run it with:
>   java jdbctest1
>   and I get java NoClassDefFound Error
>   what am I missing here? 
>I really appreciate the help - I am trying to evaluate mysql with a
>possible java applet/application development project. 
>Thanks for your (any) prompt response. BTW - how do you subscribe to
>this list in digest mode?
>Rob Thompson 
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