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From:<mmatthew Date:April 12 1999 1:25am
Subject:Re: How to install jdbc for mysql on linux box? (fwd)
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On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, ADIB MOTIWALA wrote:

> Hello all.
> ill tell you what i havev been doing so far
> 1)i have an intranet /lan  in my college
> 2) there is a linux server (red hat 5.2)
> 3)apache is my web server
> 4)my sql is the database serve ron same linux m/c
> now my project involves " creating a personsal assistant on the intranet"
> like micorosoft outlook for the intranet which wil be platform independent
> and also work on the lan/intranet.
> i am using java ,+jdbc for development.
> i am using exgwe driver and importing exjava.

Stay awayy from the GWE drivers. They are buggy, and not supported
anymore. Also, whenever you use JDBC drivers, no matter the database, you
never import the package for the JDBC driver (except in rare cases). You
only need to import java.sql.*.

> 		      - *.class  (my apllets)
> 		      -  *.html  
> 		       - <exgwe>
> 			   -<sql>
> 			      - *.class  files of driver 	
> 			<exjava>		
> 			    - <sql>
> 				- *.class files of sql (which i import)
> now in this conteext pls tell me if i use MM OR TWZ1 DRIVERS

You're not making sense above, but I would tell you use MM or TWZ because
they both will get the job done. I'm partial to MM, but I'm the author, so
it's only fair.

You either put the JAR file in your CLASSPATH, or the directory that holds
the top-level-subdirectory of the package name in your CLASSPATH. This is
the same for any third-party java class library.

 > what is the directory
struture where i should install/save the driver > files.
> your mail gives me the impression that i dont have  to unzip / uncompress
> the files of driver but only place it in a directory and include the
> classpath or something.

Read your directions for your JDK on how to install third-party class
libraries. It's spelled out clearly, and can differ between differen't
people's implementations and/or versions.

> what exacttyl i have to specify ?
> where do i save this class path in a bash profile etc

That all depends on how your system is setup. The per-user way is to put
it in your profile.

Mark Matthews <mmatthew@stripped>
"Computers in the future may weigh no more than 2 tons." -Pop.Mech., 1947

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