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From:Jim Ridenour Date:October 9 1999 12:53pm
Subject:Free Java report writer available
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   I have written a report writer named Generic Report Writer in Java.  It
is available with source as a GPL program from the web site listed below.
Here are some of the features.  Notice it is menu driven, not a
drag-and-drop etc. interface.  Also notice it currently produces only text
output.  See the screen shots.

Works with PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Access. It probably will work on any
other database for which you have a Type 4 JDBC version 1 driver.

Written in Java 1.2 (2.0) and uses Type 4 JDBC version 1 database drivers.

Source code is included. You can run it as is, or just use the processing
engine and modify the headers, formatting, and other features to suit

Has two modes, interactive and automatic. INTERACTIVE means a user is
present and is designing or running a report. AUTOMATIC means it should run
the report from a batch file, cron job, or servlet. (I haven't used it yet
from a servlet.)

GRW saves the report format to your database for re-use later.

Can do decimal rounding of numbers, order by and group by functions , and
group totals and grand totals. Cannot do user-defined functions.

At the moment it outputs only text. Future versions may include the ability
to do fonts as well as html, xml, or Postscript output. (Would anyone like
to suggest how to let users choose fonts in a menu oriented program?)

The URL is:

Free Java report writer availableJim Ridenour9 Oct