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From:Mmm Ster UCI Date:April 9 1999 1:50am
Subject:MetaData Layer Problem
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Hello all,

I am writing a Java application which uses the EnterpriseSoft Report 
Writer to print reports (this is by no means a plug for their 
software) and on the backend I am using a JDBC driver 
( to connect to our MySQL database.  I 
have encountered some problems reading tables from the database 
(although I can connect just fine) because of the following taken from 
the FAQ on EnterpriseSoft's Website:

I am able to connect to my database, but I cannot see any of the 
tables/columns. What could be wrong ? 

        1.If you are able to connect but are not able to read any 
tables/columns, make sure the username and password you are using are
          correct and that you have the rights to read the 
        2.ERW heavily uses the MetaData layer to read database 
information. If your database/driver does not cleanly implement or 
          the JDBC MetaData module, you may not see the table/column 
information. Usually when this happens, messages are displayed
          either by the driver or the database letting you know about 
this. Check the console window for such messages and tell your
          database administrator about them. You may need to upgrade 
your database or get different drivers. 

My question to all you knowledgable people is... is there a way to 
implement this in MySQL (it works great with Access and SQL-Server) 
using a different driver (the use of myODBC would be a last result) or 
more updated driver which supports the JDBC MetaData module?  Has 
anyone else come across a similar problem trying to implement this 
with the ERW software or any other software?  Thanks in advance for 
any help!

Josh Drummond

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