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From:Christian Mack Date:July 26 1999 6:49pm
Subject:Re: connection problems.... (fwd)
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James Doucette wrote:
> I'm currently working with java and the mm mysql driver to connect to a
> database.  An exception is being thrown with every connection.  The
> exception is originating in the file and is label with
> some kind of error code of "S1000".  The exception error message is
> "Error during query: " + E.getMessage(), "S1000"....
> could anyone please give me some insight towards what this is caused
> by...... all this was working on a previous machine, but since I moved
> all the java stuff and mysql database to a different machine, all this
> has been occuring????

Hi James

Please give us some additional infos:
1) What version of mm are you using?
2) Which JDK and version are you using?
3) On which OS are you?
4) Give us a code snipped, where the Exception is thrown.
5) Give us the complete stackTrace() to this Exception.


connection problems.... (fwd)James Doucette22 Jul
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