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From:Christian Mack Date:June 20 1999 9:03pm
Subject:Re: Java 2 with MM Driver
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Atul Ohri wrote:
> What do you mean by "without using the driver classes directly"?

I mean, that you should only invoke e.g. java.sql.Statement and not directly.

> When I installed the MM drivers and downloaded a test program from:
> and configured and ran it, I got over 100 errors stating that this class and
> that class and so on were not declared abstract.  What I then did was checked
> the specs for certain function (i.e. getTimeStamp) and found that the
> arguments for the functions in 1.2 were different than the arguments in the
> identical functions in 1.1 - and MM matched with the 1.1 spec.  Obviously, I
> am mistaken somewhere.

Then this example uses JDBC 2.0 features. So you can't use it.

> Could somebody possibly send me a code snippet so I could see exactly what was
> done?

There is nothing special to do.

> And do you mean that I should I compile my program with Java 1.1's compiler?
> Or just not use JDBC 2.0 functions in my code and compile with Java 1.2's
> compiler?

No, I just said, that if you want to change the drivers code, then you have to use an 1.1
JDK to compile it.
Your code using the JDBC driver will compile fine with JDK 1.2 compiler, if you don't use
JDBC 2.0 features.

> Atul Ohri


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