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From:Christian Mack Date:June 18 1999 7:56pm
Subject:Re: Java 2 with MM Driver
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Atul Ohri wrote:
> Is it possible to use the MM Driver with Java 1.2?  I always seem to get an
> error stating that X class must be declared abstract.  And I also checked the
> specs for 1.1 and for 1.2 and the MM Driver code seemed to match up with 1.1
> only.  Is there any way to use MM with 1.2?
> Atul Ohri

Hi Atul

Yes you can use the mm JDBC driver (as I do), as long as you don't use the JDBC 2.0
Just use the java.sql.* package, without using the driver classes directly.

The mm and the twz drivers are both JDBC 1.1.
JDK 1.2 contains JDBC 2.0, so you can't compile these drivers with it.


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