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From:Hans Wolters Date:June 16 1999 9:43pm
Subject:Re: Newbie applet and mm.mysql question...
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Hi Richard,

Just get the unsupported version of Netscape 4.51. Read the install
instructions and it should work. It does here.

Regards Hans

On 16-Jun-99 Richard Cannings wrote:
> Thanks, I tried that without luck but I later realized that the applet
> worked perfectly fine on a windows machine but failed on linux running
> the communicator 4.5 and 4.6 virtual machine. A servlet version worked
> no problem with the blackdown linux jvm. I ended up implementing a
> URLConnection between applet and servlet and had the servlet talk to
> MySQL.
> But it still nags me that I can't get an applet in the communicator for
> linux to connect with MySQL. Has anyone tried/succeeded?
> Thanks Christian and Cris for you help.
> rich
>> Hi Richard
>> What I can see, is that you load the mm JDBC-driver multiple times (I've
>> never done this, so perhaps your error comes from that).
>> Also, in a Applet you should load the JDBC driver with:
>>         Class.forName("").newInstance();
>> or with:
>>         DriverManager.registerDriver( new );
>> If this isn't the problem, please send us a stacktrace of the error.
> -- 
> cannings@stripped
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