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From:Christian Mack Date:June 11 1999 12:09pm
Subject:Re: Problem in connecting to the MySql Database
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Janjanam Vijaya Kumar wrote:
> I have been trying to connect a mysql database from an applet. It works
> fine when run the applet using the appletviewer. When I run applet using
> netscape or ie, it gives an error
> "Can not connect to the mysql server on machine:port, Is there are MYSQL
> server running on machine:port". It looks like the error message is no way
> connected to the applet security as I am trying connect to the same machine
> as the applet source. Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance,
> -Vijay

Hi Vijay

How about giving us some infos, so we can help you :) ?

Which JDK?
Which Netscape?
Which IE?
How does your getConnection look like?
Which JDBC driver and version?
Is your MySQL running?


Problem in connecting to the MySql DatabaseJanjanam Vijaya Kumar11 Jun
  • Re: Problem in connecting to the MySql DatabaseChristian Mack11 Jun