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From:Fred Lindberg Date:March 15 1999 5:55pm
Subject:This list has changed name to ""
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Lists will be faster and with less SPAM (see below). Please use these.
The old ones will stop to work in a while.

All lists have changed names:

All lists except "announce" have digest lists associated with them. As
long as there are new messages, digest go out every 2 days (more often
if there is a lot of traffic - for the mysql list it's 1-2/day). The
digest list name is the list name followed by "-digest". Thus, for
myodbc it is myodbc-digest@stripped.

All list administrative commands are handled by command addresses.
Nothing needed in the body/subject! To subscribe to the mysql list,
send a message to mysql-subscribe@stripped. To get help for that
list, write mysql-help@stripped, to subscribe to the digest,
mail mysql-digest-subscribe@stripped. There are headers in each
message with these addresses. Specifically, there is an unsubscribe
address that has your subscription address coded into it. A message to
this address will always get you off the list.

For friends of smartlist, there is emulation of the "-request" address.

For friends of majordomo, there is emulation of majordomo at
mdomo@stripped (it will interpret only the first body line and
ignore the rest).

Subscribe/unsubscribe require confirmation. Addresses that bounce for
more than 3 weeks are removed automatically.

If all else fails, write to the list-owner address (e.g.
mysql-owner@stripped) for human help. Make sure to include a
message from the list [since all information needed is usually
contained in it].


-Messages with a single command word (like "subscribe" or "help") are
rejected. The rejection message contains administrative info.
-Messages with empty Subject: are rejected.


(not yet in effect since messages are still being forwarded from the
old addresses):
-The host refuses mail from RBL mapped spam sites (see
-Messages that do not have the list address in To/Cc will be rejected.
-"who" is not allowed. Spammers love to collect addresses that way.

Usually, this suffices. If not, subscriber-only posts (with moderation
backup) is an option.

Lists are run by qmail-1.03 with ezmlm-0.53 + ezmlm-idx-0.32 and of
course using a MySQL database backend. For more info, see and and

-Sincerely, Fred

(Frederik Lindberg, Infectious Diseases, WashU, St. Louis, MO, USA)

This list has changed name to ""Fred Lindberg15 Mar