Threads for Dec 2012

[PATCH] use fallocate to create tablemessagesToshikuni Fukaya, Sveta Smirnova, Sergei Golubchik26 Dec
What are Oracle / mysql licening terms for plugins and server embedingmessagesStewart Smith, Shaukat Mahmood Ahmad, Michael Widenius19 Dec
How can I use create_table_option to extend table / column attributes for my plugable storage engine without modifying sql parsermessagesStewart Smith, Shaukat Mahmood Ahmad17 Dec
What is planned release date for MySQL 5.6 ?messagesShaukat Mahmood Ahmad, Stewart Smith17 Dec
Envisaged Binary Log ChangesmessagesStewart Smith, Davi Arnaut, Ruedi Steinmann, Mats Kindahl17 Dec
Question about test cases in "mysql-test" directory10 messagesBjorn Munch, Guilhem Bichot, Weldon Whipple, Tianyin Xu, Davi Arnaut13 Dec
16 Table Join Benchmarks for New Fast Server PublishedmessageHiromichi Watari10 Dec
forking mysql (contribution)messagesKonstantin Osipov, Dmitry Lenev, Stewart Smith, Michael Widenius4 Dec
Can I use tables with different engines in single transaction?messagesShaukat Mahmood Ahmad, Kristian Nielsen4 Dec