Threads for Oct 2012

getting NULL value in uchar * buf in write_row(uchar *buf)messageAbhishek Varshney29 Oct
Is it a lapsus calami in init_io_cache?messagesMr. Left, Jon Olav Hauglid27 Oct
Libs and Headers for Plugin Development on Microsoft WindowsmessageShaukat Mahmood24 Oct
Cmake does not generate visual studio project for example storage enginemessagesBjorn Munch, Shaukat Mahmood Ahmad22 Oct
XA problems in mysql-5.6.7-rcmessagesRich Prohaska, Sergei Golubchik17 Oct
possible bug in MySQL 5.6.7-rc slave replication crash safety?messageZardosht Kasheff17 Oct
MySQL 5.6.7 on launchpadmessagesDavi Arnaut, tomas ulin13 Oct
MySQL downloads site hacked? SSL errors downloading MySQLmessagesStewart Smith12 Oct
purpose of KEY->rec_per_keymessagesSergei Golubchik, Zardosht Kasheff10 Oct
5.6.7-rc fill_alter_inplace_info erroneous sets the ALTER_COLUMN_TYPE flagmessagesDmitry Lenev, Rich Prohaska8 Oct
Re: Structure of Binary LogmessageShawn Green8 Oct
making a storage engine crash safe on a slave in MySQL 5.6messagesKristian Nielsen, MARK CALLAGHAN, Rick James, Zardosht Kasheff3 Oct
execution of the update rows event on a replication slave inmysql 5.6.6-m9messageRohit Kalhans3 Oct