Threads for Apr 2012

Aviso PrĂ©viomessageCursos - AF Figueiredo27 Apr
federated bug: Bug #61526 create table .. like .. federated tablecrashes with auto_increment columnmessagexiaobing jiang25 Apr
RecepcionistasmessageCursos - AF Figueiredo23 Apr
MySQL Audit FunctionmessagesSergei Golubchik, Rick James, Paul DuBois, Antony T Curtis18 Apr
AprendizmessageCursos - AF Figueiredo15 Apr
crash we've seen in TC_LOG_MMAP::unlogmessagesZardosht Kasheff, Sergei Golubchik14 Apr
question on storage engines, two phase commits, and fsyncing on commitmessagesZardosht Kasheff, Sergei Golubchik, Kristian Nielsen14 Apr
crashing server during a mysql testmessagesMARK CALLAGHAN, Zardosht Kasheff9 Apr
multiple storage engines supporting XAmessagesSergei Golubchik, Zardosht Kasheff, Stewart Smith9 Apr
mysql tests for XA during recoverymessageZardosht Kasheff5 Apr
Lucro Real 2012messageCursos - AF Figueiredo5 Apr
table-scan-questionmessageStewart Smith2 Apr