Threads for Jan 2013

reducing fsyncs during handlerton->prepare and handlerton->commit in 5.6messagesZardosht Kasheff, Kristian Nielsen, Mats Kindahl30 Jan
[Maria-developers] what pros/cons of storing binary log in an InnoDB table?messagesKristian Nielsen, Zardosht Kasheff, Vadim Tkachenko, Stewart Smith30 Jan
making a system variable that is a float or doublemessagesZardosht Kasheff, Davi Arnaut18 Jan
detecting select SQL statements that are functionsmessagesZardosht Kasheff, Dmitry Lenev, Sergei Golubchik18 Jan
dropping a temporary table after recovering from a crashmessageZardosht Kasheff16 Jan
[PATCH] use fallocate to create tablemessageToshikuni Fukaya16 Jan