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From:Kay-Michael Goertz Date:November 3 2000 5:21am
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I have a problem unisng unicode and mysql.

I have a lot of CDs (Music), some with english music, some with german and some
with russian. And so the name of groups, cds and songs are in english, german and
russian. I haven't found any codepage, wich holds all this characters. And in the

future there can be CDs from other countries too. So I think unicode is the best
Now the unicode data is stored as UFT-8 in binary varchar, I have a second
column, where I wrote all names in english transcription for ordering. This works
fine, but is not a real solution. The ordering is always as in one language. And
I don't want to put for every language one new column in my table.

If I prepare a new enconding (UTF8-de or UTF8-ru), than again I have the problem
of ordering. So I would prefer to use some ordering functions to get the data
from the database in the right way.

In Unicode there is an collation algorithm for sorting and comparing. Such a
mechanism is very useful and universal. Of course, it is possible to put such
things in the application, but I think, it is not best, if everybody has to write
this by himself. So it would be nice, if the database could do this.

How can this be done?

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