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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 15 2001 9:58am
Subject:new danish sort for mysql
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>>>>> "Ole" == Ole Dalgaard <josua@stripped> writes:

Ole> Hi there!
Ole> A friend of mine has developed an alternative Danish sort for mysql.

Ole> The Danish letter å  ( &aring; in html) was invented 30-40 years ago to
Ole> replace double a, which had a special pronouncation. Some Danish words are
Ole> still spelled with double a instead of å and according to danish grammar
Ole> they should be sorted equally.

Ole> Currently I can not get it to fail, but there might still be a bug in the
Ole> code. How to test this exhaustingly?

Create table where you in a key field enter a lot of different combinations.

Then check the output for the following queries:

SELECT key_column FROM table_name ORDER BY key_column
SELECT key_column FROM table_name WHERE key_column='X'
-- Run the above for all keys
CHECK TABLE key_column;

If the above works, then there is a good change you don't have any bugs.

Ole> One option could be to add it to mysql as an alternative Danish sort
Ole> (danish2 ?).

That would be ok.  Just post us the code...

Ole> BR and thanks for a nice DB


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