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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 28 2000 9:44am
Subject:porting to Darwin/Mac OS X
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>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Meyer <cmeyer@stripped> writes:

Chris> Hi,
Chris> I've been working on porting mysql to Darwin (and equivalently Mac OS 
Chris> X Public Beta). Currently I have everything building and running with 
Chris> some caveats.

Chris> The main difference for building under Mac OS X compared to Mac OS X 
Chris> Server is that the OS is now 'darwin' instead of 'rhapsody' AND Mac 
Chris> OS X seems to have a Posix compliant pthreads implementation.

Wht is the difference between the thread implementation in rhapsody
and darwin;  As you know, MySQL compiles and works on rhapsodi.

Chris> But... Darwin/OSX is still missing pthread_kill. How does the BSD 
Chris> build handle the lack of pthread_kill? Is there anyone with specific 
Chris> knowledge on this who can help me finish the port? (my port of mysql 
Chris> is actually running, it just won't shutdown properly AND my thread 
Chris> patches are dubious).

If you don't have pthread_kill(), MySQL will use the following code in
sql/ to send the signal:


This should force the MySQL server till shutdown nicely as long as you
don't have any connected clients!

Doesn't mysqladmin shutdown work if you don't have any connected
clients?  I am quite sure this works on rhapsodi.

Chris> Also, I would like to get the 'darwin' support added to the more 
Chris> mundance files like config.guess and Is this the right 
Chris> place to post patches and questions about my changes?

Yes;  These should be posted to internals@stripped!

Chris> Thanks,
Chris> Chris

Chris> P.S. I cross posted to 'internals' and 'developer', not being sure 
Chris> which one to use.

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