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From:Chris Meyer Date:October 31 2000 4:41pm
Subject:Re: Patches for MacOS X & Darwin
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>On Mon, 30 Oct 2000 13:34:02 -0800, Chris Meyer said:
>>  Hi all,
>>   I put the patches for Mac OS X to build 3.23.27-beta at
>>   The patches are minor (an extra #define to get MCL_CURRENT, used 
>>in sql/ as an argument to mlockall(); and fixes to the 
>>pthread #define's).
>>   I also put a binary built version for Mac OS X at
>>   Would it be possible for someone to merge the patch into the source code?
>>   And ideally put the binary on your web site?
>>   Chris
>Thank you we shall take look at it.

Thanks! The changes are minor --BUT-- I did ENABLE the call to 
'mlockall' in sql/ This seems to work; but everywhere else 
in the code 'mlockall' is only used under SUN_OS. If it shouldn't be 
used under other OS's (like Darwin), you might want to put #if's 
around the call in sql/

>Is it OS X or OS X server version , and in the first case which thread
>lib was used ??

This is the "Mac OS X" version (NOT server).

Earlier, I submitted patches for 3.23.24 as did someone else and 
somewhere in the process of merging my submission and the other 
person's submission, one of the pthread #define's was incorrectly 
entered... This current patch fixes that problem (it's just removing 
a '&' and removing an unnecessary #define).

>Would it be OK for us to put your binary on our pages too ??

Yes. Can you copy it to your server though? My server is on an iDSL 
line (25K/s) so it would probably overload my connection if too many 
people grab it. (If not, let me know and I think someone from Apple 
will happily put it up on their servers).

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